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As mentioned in a previous post, I've now added the 'Unread Posts' feature to the 'Discussion Forum Menu Bar' at the top of each Forum page.

Menu Bar Options now should read: Forums, Members, Recent Posts, Unread Posts, My Profile, Login/Logout)

Unread Posts lists all the threads that contain posts that you personally haven't yet read - providing you're logged in of course.

Anyway, here are a couple of other useful features in the menu bar in case you may not yet be aware of...

The 'Recent Posts' option will list all the recent threads along with the last 4 comments.

If you select the 'Members' option on the same menu bar and then click on the red speech bubble icon for a particular member, it will display all the posts made by that member. Note: The members list is ordered by the number of posts an individual has made with the highest at the top. So for example, here's the activity list generated if you click on that speech bubble icon for Ken.

If you have any queries on the forum menu features then feel free to reply to this post!