Welcome to Diasboro

Welcome to Diasboro

Diasboro is a virtual home for those discerning followers of Middlesbrough Football Club who appreciate a thoughtful debate on the issues that affect their club. As its name might suggest, Diasboro not only caters for Boro supporters on Teesside but also for the many now spread through all parts of the UK as well as those now scattered in the proverbial, yet geometrically unfeasible, four corners of the globe.

After its launch in January 2017, Diasboro was initially created in order to continue to provide a platform for the community that had evolved on Untypical Boro when the former blog’s ten-year run came to an unexpected and somewhat abrupt ending. Thanks to the dedication and the desire of many who wished to continue contributing and giving their take on all matters Boro, this community continues to have a voice.

In a social media age where opinions are often accepted as facts and the truth is merely regarded as what people prefer to believe, the aim and ethos of Diasboro is to address the issues and strive to play the ball and not man while avoiding unnecessary points scoring that is prevalent in many forums. That may also mean that we try to overlook the occasional late tackle when passions are raised and accept others may hold strongly differing views to their own.

2020-21: Join the discussion

In previous years, the discussion on Diasboro has traditionally taken place in the comment section of the latest blog post, which normally comprised of a specific discussion blog article every one or two weeks. Of course, the discussion was not particularly driven by the content of that article but it has proven to be a useful anchor to frame the conversation as a season progressed.

However, after migrating Diasboro from its original home on WordPress.com in 2020 it provided an opportunity to introduce a dedicated Discussion Forum that members can now use to share thoughts about all things Boro, Football or even General Discussion of what happens in the wider world outside football.

So if you’re ready to head over to the new dedicated discussion forum and start finding your way around then CLICK on this Diasboro Discussion Forum link! Note: if you wish to post you will need to register by clicking on the ‘LOG IN’ menu option.

Archive Posts

Season Suspended – 15 Mar 2020

Covid 19 – Football nil

Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that – unfortunately, it seems the Corona virus has failed to concur with that famous Bill Shankly quote. The increasing realisation that the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 is going to lead to increasingly more stringent measures, which will make any notion of normal life all but impossible. That in essence almost certainly means football will not be resuming in April…

2019-20: Weeks 30-31 – 1 Mar 2020

Is Woodgate approaching the final act of his Boro tragedy

As the amateur dramatics of another Boro season take on some of the similarities of an ancient Greek tragedy (and possibly even a comedy) many on Teesside are seriously beginning to wonder if those in charge are showing signs of having already lost the plot. Perhaps now is a good time for an intervention of Deus ex machina (god from the machine), a technique introduced in Greek theatre whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem in a story is suddenly and abruptly resolved…

2019-20: Weeks 28-29 – 13 Feb 2020

Optimism outbreak contained as super-spreader is identified

While the Boro faithful disappointedly await their first victory since New Year’s Day, the good news is that there were no further cases of promotion fever being recorded on Teesside this week. Admittedly, it wasn’t a particular virulent strain and contagion was mainly restricted to the young and those who had failed to wash their hands of the idea that they would end the campaign with a trip to Wembley…

2019-20: Weeks 26-27 – 31 Jan 2020

Will Gibson show intent before January circus leaves town

Now that the January transfer window circus is preparing to pack its trunk and head out of town, all that is left are the usual bunch of sad clowns kicking their heels in oversized shoes after failing to persuade desperate clubs that their client’s wage demands were reasonable and the unsustainable elephant in the room is now wondering why he’s been going round in circles again…

2019-20: Weeks 24-25 – 17 Jan 2020

Climate on Teesside warming after the Boro gong show

With the climate on Teesside continuing to show signs of unseasonal warming there are worries that the ancient north-east ice shelf of pessimism may be at risk of total collapse with a danger of severe floods of optimism engulfing the local landscape. While it’s not quite yet an emergency that requires an intervention from Greta Thunberg, it’s still a concern that the future of Teesside’s children could be blighted by overheated aspirations…

2019-20: Weeks 22-23 – 3 Jan 2020

Joy and relief after Boro return to winning ways

Nothing probably epitomised the change in fortune of Boro’s season than the sight of Rudy Gestede’s face after scoring his first goal in a Boro shirt for nearly two years – plus the joy of his team-mates who must have known what it meant to him. Indeed, Dael Fry almost looked quite emotional as they celebrated, with Ashley Fletcher also having something of a proud look on his face and the effervescent Marcus Tavernier simply ecstatic with joy for the big Benin striker…


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