Forum Membership

Before you can make posts and comments on the Diasboro forum you must first sign-up to become a member.

Due to problems with having to deal with the number of spam registrations (up to 100 per day) and the subsequent security implications, the ability to register as a member to Diasboro was disabled.

Thankfully, a new solution has now been worked out to allow new registrations that should avoid most if not all of the fake registrations from spambots and other casual human spammers.

Step 1 – Address of Registration Page

There are 2 Steps to get you to the Registration Form – first you should copy the web address of the page below into a new browser window – it’s just an extra security measure rather than providing an actual link. This is where you’ll find the registration form but this page has also been password protected so you will be shown how to workout the password in the second step.

Working out the password should be quite simple for anyone with a bit of Boro knowledge but likely not possible for automated spambots and anyone wanting to try a casual fake registrations.

STEP  2 – Password of registration page

Before you head off to the registration page, the next step is to give you the password for the page as you won’t see the registration form until you enter the correct password.

The password has 12 character

  • The first 8 are the initials of the former managers shown in the four photos below
  • The last 4 is the year shown on the MFC badge


If the names of the people in the four photos were:

  • Sam Allardyce (SA)
  • Jürgen Klopp (JK)
  • Eddie Howe (EH)
  • David Moyes (DM)

And the year on the badge was 1966

Then the password would be: SAJKEHDM1966

Note: The letters MUST be entered in uppercase (i.e. NOT sajkehdm1966)


Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

OK, to create the password as demonstrated in the example above, simply write the 2-letter initials (in uppercase) of the four people shown in the photos in the order they are listed and then add the year shown on the club badge


Hopefully you’ve managed to understand and follow the instructions – now go to the registration page you’ve be shown in Step 1 and when the page loads you will be prompted for the password you worked out in Step 2.