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OK, I've finished testing the new method to allow new members to be able to register and it's now live. I even added a test user to check the registration process and their first post is currently awaiting moderation 😉 

You will notice a new REGISTER option in the Diasboro main menu, which will take those wishing to join Diasboro to a new 'Forum Membership' page that will given instructions on how to register.

Many thanks to those who helped to test the process yesterday - I've made a couple of changes based on the feedback to make it a little easier and avoid potential misunderstandings.

Note: I've also added a new Category called 'Welcome to Diasboro' and have added a new Forum called 'New Members' to it - this is where new members will make their first post under the 'Getting Started as a New Member' thread. It makes it easier to find their first post so it can be approved to allow them to post live.

If any of you know of people wishing to become members then let them know they can now register or if you're currently just a Diasboro reader and want to join in then feel free to sign-up!

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Great work, Werder 👏 👏