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Champions League Final - can M'Bappe and Neymar be Bayern's Kryptonite


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I'm sure that a lot of the Diasbloggers have had some fun watching the final games of the Champion's League. It might not be as personally engrossing as an away game at Millwall on a cold winter Tuesday but to see some of the very best players in the world going at each other will strike a chord on the heartstrings of many a football fan.

Let's be honest, Bayern have been wonderful once they get going. Barcelona were terrible and that was again underlined by how well Lyon hung on until the second or even third goal went in. What was interesting was the similar pattern of the first fifteen minutes or so. Both Barcelona and Lyon broke through Bayern's high defensive line and had great chances of scoring but fluffed the opportunities. Then, slowly, the blitzkrieg rolled over them.

In the final PSG have two attacking players in Neymar and M'Bappe who might just be good enough to take advantage of any opportunities that come their way and, if that happens, we could have a final for the ages.

Anyway, it certainly passes the time between articles telling us who Boro haven't signed.